Montana Channel Migration Zone Projects - Flathead River from Old Steel Bridge to Flathead Lake

The Flathead River CMZ was completed in 2010 for 24 miles of the Flathead River above its confluence with Flathead Lake. The CMZ provides potential rates of lateral river movement for the next 100 years based on analyses of historical aerial photos 1956 to 2009). The study and map are useful to land owners, planners, river restoration, and construction professionals working near the Flathead River, and others who make decisions that could be affected by river movement. The CMZ data can be used to identify potential future problem areas for streambank landowners, restoration opportunities, and management best practices.

The project was sponsored by the Flathead Lakers, the Montana DEQ Wetlands Program, and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. A local Technical Advisory Committee provided project oversight and included representatives from DEQ, FWP, DNRC, Flathead County Planning and Zoning, Flathead Conservation District, Flathead River Commission, and Flathead Basin Commission, and Flathead Lakers. The work was performed by Applied Geomorphology and DTM Consulting.

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