The Montana State Library is composed of programs that serve the information needs of all branches of state government, its agencies, local counterparts and individuals seeking information and materials that are not found in their local libraries. Its charge includes effecting statewide planning for library development in all communities.

The mission of the Montana State Library is to help all organizations, communities, and Montanans thrive through excellent library resources and services. We meet this mission by:

  • Providing comprehensive information about Montana's natural resources and heritage;
  • Standardizing and consistently collecting commonly available land information;
  • Fulfilling the information needs of state agency employees;
  • Preserving state publications;
  • Improving public library services;
  • Promoting cooperation among all Montana libraries of all types;
  • And providing reading materials to those with physical disabilities.

Montana State Library Programs

Montana Digital Library Division

The Montana Digital Library Division maintains a professionally catalogued and supported collection, brokered by highly trained information science specialists and content specialists. The following statutory programs are managed by the Digital Library Division.

Geographic Information provides comprehensive access statewide geospatial information and consulting services.  The program includes the Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) which provides information about Montana's natural resources through the acquisition, storage and dissemination of that information in meaningful form.

The Natural Heritage Program is the state's source for information on the status and distribution of our native animals and plants, emphasizing species of concern and high quality habitats.

The Water Information System, (WIS) a program of NRIS, provides a starting point for access to information relating to Montana's water resources.

The State Publications Center (SPC) maintains a comprehensive collection of state agency publications safeguarding one of our state's most critical traditions – the public's right to know.

Statewide Library Resources (SLR)

Library Development (LD)

LDD provides leadership and guidance related to library programs, services, and facilities. A professional staff plans, develops, and implements programs and administers funds for new and improved library services throughout the state, including the Montana Library Network.

Please direct any questions or comments to: Montana State Library.

Talking Book Library (MTBL)

MTBL provides a broad range of materials to those individuals who are not able to read traditional print. MTBL also houses its own recording studio, and records a number of Montana-related publications, including books and magazines, every year. This service is free to qualified Montanans.