Talking Book Library

Montana Talking Book Library The Montana Talking Book Library (MTBL) offers alternative reading materials for eligible Montana residents who are unable to read standard print due to low vision, blindness, and physical and/or reading disabilities.  If you know of anyone who could benefit from MTBL services, please go to our  website  and print an application for them to fill out and have certified. Public librarians are qualified to certify eligibility.

For general questions, please contact  MTBL directly.

How is MTBL a resource for Public Librarians and their patrons?

The Montana Talking Book Library shares patrons with all Montana Public Libraries who serve residents with low vision, blindness, and physical and/or reading disabilities.  MTBL works in partnership with the National Library Service (NLS) and Montana Public Libraries to provide free loaned digital library audio books and magazines delivered two ways:  1) Free door-to-door delivery of audio and Braille books, magazines, and players, and/or 2) Downloadable books and magazines for patrons who have high speed internet and an email account.  Eligibility is determined based on National Library Service standards.

MTBL also has an annual Agreement with the Utah State Library to provide free Braille embossed library services to patrons of the Montana Talking Book Library.  

MTBL does not provide Large Print books.  To learn more about resources for Large Print books and textbooks, please go to the Textbooks page on the  MTBL website.