State Library Nonprofit Steering Committee

The Montana State Library has embarked on a project to create a statewide library foundation. The long-term goal is to increase private support for the State Library, and for the public libraries and GIS community in Montana. The specific mission for the project is to create the Foundation, including recruiting the initial board of directors, putting in place all of the legal and policy structures for the Foundation, and hiring the first staff for the Foundation. The 18-month goal for the project is to emerge with a fully functional statewide library foundation. Library Strategies Consulting Group, from Saint Paul, Minnesota, has been engaged to facilitate and manage the process for creation of the new foundation.

Members of the Steering Committee serve as volunteer advisors to the process of creating a Montana statewide library foundation, and help connect the emerging foundation to critical resources, individuals and organizations across the state. The Committee advises on the mission and direction of the foundation, reviews and provides input into various foundational documents, and comment on initial promotional materials as the foundation develops. Members assists in identifying and providing connections to potential Foundation funders, and in recruiting the initial board of directors for the statewide foundation. The Steering Committee works under the office of the State Library, and work collaboratively with Library Strategies, the consultants coordinating the project.